Volunteers from Edinburgh build new classroomNew classroom

Volunteers form the Fettes College, Edinburgh, build a new classroom for the Compassionate Kids School. They decorated the walls with colourful pictures.

First students graduated

The first four students graduated from the Apprenticeship Program.

Samuel Odei speaks about how C4H changed his life. He has entered a higher vocational education to fulfill his dream of becoming a cartographer.

Leticia Afari dreams of starting her own hairsalonLeticia Afari was one of the first students of the Apprenticeship Program. She started her training for hairdresser in January 2013. C4H arranged an internship and paid the expenses. She took her exam this summer and passed. Emmaunel Nkrumah asked her is she would like to coordinate the internships for other girls who want to become a hairdresser. She was very honored and accepted. her dream is to start her own business. C4H helps with applying for a micro-credit.

Gloria Siabi also passed her hairdressers exam. Richard Akwei completed his vocational ICT training and Mary Oziwornu is a accomplished seamstress.