Your money is well spent

project (6)C4H needs your help to educate Ghana's future. We generate some income from the earnings of our agricutural projects, but that is not sufficient. To improve the level of education in the rural community of Adawso we depend on sponsors.There are a number of ways you can become involved. Donate for the expansion of our Compassionate Kids School, sponsor a child or one of our students of the Apprenticeship Program.


33Improve the school

The Compassionate Kids School would like to grow, not only in size but also in extra curriculum activities. More classrooms, more books and computers, a playground, music lessons and sporting facilities, better sanitary conditions, we would love to have it. Your money will help us to accommodate all local children in need of education. Donations will also be used for improving the quality of our theachers, to expand our library and to make sure every child has enough learning materials. We invest every Euro, Pound or Dollar in the development of our pupils.

Michael Dovi (sponsored)Sponsor a child

Although there is no tuition fee for primary education, parents are obliged to pay for the school uniform, learning materials and other costs. Not all parents have the financial means to pay this, especially in the rural areas, Some parents contribute by donating fruit, vegetables, meat or fish that is used to prepare the school lunch. Approximately 15% of our pupils depend on sponsors to pay for their education. Sponsor one of our orphans or streetchildren so they can attend our school. Because of you they will have a better future. With € 20,00 per month a child can attend school, have a uniform and learning materials and gets a daily schoollunch.

P1050260Help an ambitious youngster

Twice a year we select at least five talented and motivated young adults, who want to learn a trade. We offer them our apprenticeship program. The students are responsible for their costs of living and transportation. With your money we pay for the internship, materials and exams. A basic training of one year costs € 150,00. Besides learning the applicable skills of the trade, the students get work shops in personal and food hygiene, First Aid and environmental awareness.

Students with the capebilities and motivation to start their own business can follow an additional programme to further improve their skills and entrepreneurship. This takes approximately 1,5 years and costs € 250,00 per person. You are welcome to keep in touch with your student and we can always arrange a meeting.

Bank details

Universal Merchant Bank Ghana Ltd
Account number 0122145554018
Swift Address MBGH GHAC
Attn. Compassion4Humanity Foundation Ghana, Emmanuel Nkrumah
Benificiary adress: P.O. Box 10, Adawso-Akuapem, Koforidua, Ghana

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