Make a difference

project (18)If you are looking for a way to volunteer abroad, give a helping hand and gain a unique cultural experience like never before, consider applying to work for the Compassion4Humanity Foundation. We offer various programs at different costs. You can participate on your own, with friends, family or colleagues. You can stay for three to four weeks. You will live with a Ghanaian family, work side by side with the local people to improve the rural community and experience the Ghanaian hospitality.

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Your money is well spent

project (6)C4H needs your help to educate Ghana's future. We generate some income from the earnings of our agricutural projects, but that is not sufficient. To improve the level of education in the rural community of Adawso we depend on sponsors.There are a number of ways you can become involved. Donate for the expansion of our Compassionate Kids School, sponsor a child or one of our students of the Apprenticeship Program.


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