14 04 Madam Florence AseduMadam Florence Asabea – Hairdressing instructor

“I got involved in the apprenticeship program of C4H, because it aims to improve the chances of underprivileged youngsters in our region. Many girls and boys can’t complete their education because their parents can’t afford the education fees or one or both of their parents are deceased. I train youngsters to become hairdresser. Besides learning them the skills of hairdressing, I try to teach them values. Becoming a successful hairdresser is not only about the skill, it’s also about how you behave that makes your customers want to come back.”



RejoiceRejoice Ahatefu - hairdressing student, 18 years old

“Two years ago I dropped out of school. My parents could no longer afford the tuition fee for me and my brothers needed to go to school. I’m very glad that C4H gave me the chance to study to become a hairdresser. My dad died earlier this year. That makes it even more important to complete my apprenticeship in order to contribute to our family income.”



08. Stephen cutting iron framesStephen Amui - glazier student, 26 years old

“I want to contribute to our family income. We didn’t have enough money, so I couldn’t complete the secondary school. I tried to make a living by raising pigs, but that wasn’t easy. C4H gave me the opportunity to learn a craft. My master is very strict, but because of that I become a good glazier. I already did some work in our village, that earned me some money. I use that to pay to get to work.”



2014 08 Hagar IIIHagar Afuwa - seamstress student, 20 years old

“Previously my mother and me tried to sell our products on the market. We made just enough money to send my little brother to school. In June of this year C4H helped me to start an apprenticeship. I want to become a seamstress and I even got a sewing machine! My teacher is very patient, explains every detail and lets me practice a lot. I really like it and I’m getting better at it. When I have some more experience I will try to get assignments from the people of our village.”