10. Assisting at school lunch

"I look back at my time as a volunteer for C4H in Ghana with great pleasure. They take good care of their volunteers, which is especially helpful when coming to Ghana for the first time. My stay with a Ghanaian family in Adawso was really cool.

During my volunteering period I worked at the Compassionate Kids School, playing with the smaller children, teaching English, reading books to them and assisting with drawing works and ICT classes. I also was able to support one of the street children to enter school.

By working closely with the children I got to learn to deal with the different mentality of the Ghanaian children. I came to realize that supplying people with a small loan for setting up business locally is a better way to fight poverty than becoming a poor immigrant in my country."



13. Happy faces after a sports event“From the beginning onwards the director Emmanuel, his assistants and the children were really nice to me and made it simple for me to acclimatize. I really liked the fact that C4H is a small project, in which you really have an overview on what is going on. If you spend money for their projects you can directly see where the money is going. Furthermore I felt like being part of a team. Together we were thinking about improvements. Emmanuel gave me the feeling that my opinion counts as much as his.

But especially working with the children was amazing. Even though they might have a tough life compared to children in Europe, they are full of joy, full of energy, (mostly) willing to learn, they LOVE playing football, they are thankful... If you see the happy faces after a long day at C4H you know that it is worth it.

I would highly recommend C4H because it is a small trustful project in a really needy village, with a friendly and trustful director. You learn a lot and others can learn a lot from you.C4H really helps the people in Adawso, not only the children, but also parents and other people in the community. I don't want to imagine how Adawso and the villages around would look like without it. It is a project which develops the community to help itself one day..”