KG 2   Florence AsareFlorence Asare – Kindergarten 2

I started working at the CKS in 2014. I like the school because all the teaching materials are made available for teaching. It also is a school that wants to make a difference in changing the life of rural poor children and school drop-outs. The main difference between CKS and a regular primary school in Ghana is that the kids in our school learn faster due to the availability of teaching aids and the good methodology adopted.

With the Head, Hands and Heart principle the kids are able to cope with the learning activities. I use all these three principles in all activities in the class. I have created some social and emotional development with the kids. What the kids really like is passing on a word around the circle from child to child through whispering. They also enjoy the game where a child thinks of an item in the area where they are and says “I see, I see what you don’t see and the color is… “. This has helped my class a lot and now the children are taking much more interest in the classroom lessons. I see an improvement in their understanding and performance.



class 1   Esther AgyemanEsther Agyeman – Class 1

I have being working at the CKS since 2013. I support the vision to educate the children for a brighter future. The main difference compared to other schools is that we have the needed learning materials which makes teaching interesting and for that reason it makes learning easier for the kids. Also the new principle of Head, Hands and Heart the CKS has adopted to teach the children makes learning fun as well. Using this principle, the triple “H” as I call it, has helped my class become fully involved in the classroom activities. Before it was difficult to get them paying attention when in class, as many of them are from the street or drop-out, so not used to sit still and listen.

With the Head activities I like it when they brainstorm and they are able to think for themselves, finding answers to problems. With the Heart activities they have learnt to love one another and move about as brothers and sisters. Hand activities that are done are for example telling a story by use of a picture book, rhyming words and sentences, playing with letters in the circle, finding opposite words and playing games.

It also has given me more fun in teaching.