Earn a living

2014-08 Hagar IIIIn order to give youngsters and their families a better future, C4H started an apprenticeship programme in 2012. Over the years we have helped a lot of young women and men to learn a trade or to continue their education at college or university.


After graduation we assist the students to set up their own business through a micro-credit. Several youngsters now run their own business and earn their living.


 First graduates

Samuel Odei explains how C4H changed his life. He has succesfully completed a vocational ICT-training and is now studying to become a cartographer:


Learning by doing

Stephen at workplaceIn the rural communities the financial means to receive a vocational training are limited. After primary school, the education of a lot of children stops. Our apprenticeship programme increases their chances of employment and the possibilities to improve their living circumstances. We select talented youngsters and offer them a vocational training in the region. We involve the parents and the community to make sure the student gets enough support to get their degree.

The apprenticeship programme consits of two parts and is completed with an official exam. During the first year students acquire basic knowledge within their field of choice and workshops to improve their general knowledge. Students with the potential to start their own business, get an additional 18 month training. C4H helps the students with the application, arranges an internship and pays for the education. The student and their family are responsible for the costs of living and transport.

In 2014 we started a micro credit programme to help students to buy the necessary tools to practise and enable them to set up their own shop. By finding their own customers, they can pay back the loan.

We believe in a personal approach and take the time to select the youngsters. We assist them during the whole period of the training and keep in touch after graduation. Our goal is that every youngster succeeds in making a better living for themselves and their family. Would you like to sponsor a talented youngster to earn a degree? Please go to donate.


14-04 Certificate graduatesThe first students graduated in 2014; one seamstress, one hairdresser and two IT employees. C4H has helped them with applying for a micro-credit to start their own business. Since then the appenticeship programme has expanded and every year several students graduate. Many youngsters are now capable of earning a living and contributing to their communities.

Read what some of our students and an instructor say about how the apprenticeship programme influenced their life.