A better future starts with education.

klaslokaal binnenIn the Eastern part of Ghana there are not enough schools to educate the youth. Many children in the area live too far away or the finances of the parents are too limited for them to go to school. In 2013 C4H decided to build a primary school in Adawso to get the children of the streets and giving them a chance to develop themselves.

We believe a better future starts with education. We stimulate not only learning, but also creativity and social skills.


IMG 9616[1]New classrooms

In 2015 Wings of Support donated money to build three brick classrooms for our Compassionate Kids School. In 2014 volunteers from the Fettes College, Edinburgh, have build a new brick classroom and the KOOK foundation from Alkmaar financed the realisation of two additional classrooms.We now have eight classrooms, a kitchen and sanitation.




project (19)Learning and playing

The Compassionate Kids School has a school board, a director, professional teachers and a registration with the Ministry of Education. Next to the official curriculum, a lot of attention is given to other activities such as teamwork, art, sports and music classes. We believe in developing the Head, Hart and Hands of children, the Triple H method. Learning should be fun and one of our goals is that the children discover their talents. Dutch teachers help us to stimulate creativity and social skills.

With help from our sponsors we now have eight classrooms, six made of stone and two made of wood, sanitation, two fresh water tanks and a kitchen where we provide meals for the children. The day to day running of the school is independent of sponsoring. Parents contribute what they can in money or agricultural goods.


Tank 5


The school has now almost 300 pupils. Because of a shortage of school materials and classrooms, we cannot teach the three highest levels. With help from several Dutch organisations we investigate the possibilities to expand the school in order to offer a full curriculum.

Would you like to help us? Please look at the opportunities to donate or volunteer.

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